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BIW Separators Special wastes

Grease trap

Grease Trap – Engineering service
Plumbing installation of Grease Traps are becoming increasingly complicated with the variety of fixtures and appliances in the market. It is therefore impossible to make exact recommendations to fit each job, but we can recommend or design the right Grease trap or Separator for any job based on site details and requirements.

Grease Trap – Engineering use
By-product recover plants
Flotation of emulsified grease & oil
Food processing plants
Petrol pumps / gas stations
High-rise buildings
Hotels, restaurants & fast food joints
Hospital kitchens

Grease Trap advantages:

  • As the name suggests; grease trap separates grease from hotel & restaurant's waste-water, before being discharged.
  • Grease accumulation chokes pipes and drains and eventually leads to sewer overflows.
  • Disposition of grease helps civic authorities since their pipes/drains don't get clogged.
  • Grease Traps are ease to clean as the covers are fitted with stainless steel (SS) bolts. The grease traps include a SS tray which collects the grease.
  • Grease Traps are air-tight, thus zero chances of leakage or foul odor therefore can be fitted anywhere.
  • Life long since it's made of C I Casting IS: 210 FG: 220 grade & SS-316.

Why Grease Traps are important

Restaurant, cafeterias, hospitals, hotels and convention centers, sports arenas, prisons etc., generate huge amount of fats, oils and grease each year. The biggest problem is grease readily adheres to the inner surface of traditional piping material and over time will form into a hard crust that is as tough as baked clay leading to the replacement of the effected pipes.

Additionally, grease becomes a primary cause for clogs, backups, overflows, and equipment failure when permitted to enter the wastewater system. Reason: Very few use Grease Traps.

Allowing Fats, grease and oils to enter wastewater system will invariably cause clogging of pipes.


The unprecedented growth of the restaurant industry combined with the chronic problems caused by excessive grease has increased demands for grease recovery products that are reliable, economical and can meet requirements.

Why BIW – Stainless Steel (SS) Grease Traps?

Easy to clean.

There is no greater concern in food preparation areas than hygiene. The smooth non-porous surface of SS is easy to clean and minimize the potential for bacteria growth.

SS is proven to be easier to sanitize than coated cast iron and plastics with no harsh detergents or chemical which could polluted the environment. The smooth surface of SS prevents grease build-up problems that commonly occur with other pipe materials. Corrosion resistance

SS will not rust when exposed to water and air like standard cast iron and steel products or discolor like some copper alloys used in drain applications.

SS is resistant to many chemicals, detergents and other aggressive effluents commonly discharged into the drain system in kitchen environment; such as soda, beer, vine, and acidic juices from fruits and vegetables.

SS nonflammable

Unlike polypropylenes, PVC and other flammable material; SS does not burn and is classified as nonflammable!

Neither heat nor cold affects stainless steel. It is an excellent material for use in food preparation areas subject to hot dumps from kettles and steam tables directly into the floor drains and pipe system.

Durable and aesthetically pleasing

SS is inherently durable. It will not break easily or crack. This reduces the possibility of costly and unsanitary leakage into the facility or into the ground. SS has a naturally pleasing appearance and enhances the overall aesthetics of the facility where installed drains or pipe are visible.

When lifetime cost is considered stainless steel is often the least expensive solution for kitchen drainage systems.

BIW Grease Traps come in either MS or SS.

Used in Restaurants, cafeteria, hospitals, hotels and convention centres, sports areas etc.

Prevent fats, grease and oil to enter wastewater system. Without grease traps, the fats, grease and oils enter waste water system & will invariably cause clogging of pipes


Standard Grease Traps widely used

Grease Traps-MS/SS Length Width Height Flow rate Grease Capacity
2”inlet outlet 510mm 380mm 445mm 50Ltr/min 11kgs
2.5” inlet outlet 510mm 380mm 445mm 70Ltr/min 21kgs

Installation Instruction:
On Installation, the grease trap must be filled with water. This will prevent initial grease from flowing out.

When to Clean the Separators
A gradual sluggishness in the draining of the wastewater from the fixture is a warming that the separator is ready for cleaning with ordinary usage, the intervals between cleaning will be fairly regular.

How to Clean the Separator All Models

  1. Run cold water for a few minutes to congeal grease, turn off water.
  2. Loosen or remove the attachment bolts, then remove cover.
  3. Scoop out grease from top.
  4. Lift out V-shaped filter screen with handgrip   .
  5. Scoop out heavy sludge from bottom of unit.
  6. Replace V-screen.  Run water a few minutes to restore trap seal
  7. Replace cover tighten attachment bolts.

To Clean Filter Medium

  1. Shake V-shaped filter screen while wet or use a hose to loosen fine, suspended waste materials.
  2. Change filter medium periodically.

How to Replace Gasket

On Floor Separator – GF Series

  1. Remove old Gasket from the groove in underside of cover
  2. Gasket must be cut square and longer than the required space.
  3. Insert gasket material evenly, filing in comers completely to assure leakproof and airtight fit.

Flush – With Floor Separator – GF Series

  1. Remove old Gasket from groove in underside of cover.
  2. Gasket must be cut square and longer than the required space.
  3. Fasten new gasket to tip of until with rubber-to-metal cement, snapping openings for stainless steel bolts.  Filling corners completely to assure leakproof  and airtight fit.




Grease Trap (GT series) SS-316 Flow - ltr/min Inlet / Outlet Holding capacity - ltrs Bottom to centre of inlet Bottom to centre of outlet Width Length Height Grease capacity - kgs
BIW_GT_8 18 50mm 15.9 187.5 187.5 262.5 355 280 3kgs
BIW_GT_14 28 50mm 25.5 203.125 203.125 337.5 404.5 303.125 7kgs
BIW_GT_20 38 60mm 34.3 203.125 203.125 362.5 503.125 303.125 9kgs
BIW_GT_30 57 75mm 47.5 259.375 259.375 400 512.5 343.75 13kgs
BIW_GT_40 75.5 87.5mm 57.5 287.5 287.5 400 562.5 375 18kgs
BIW_GT_50 95 87.5mm 72 300 300 437.5 612.5 412.5 23kgs
BIW_GT_70 132 87.5mm 104 353 353 450 712.5 481.25 32kgs
BIW_GT_100 189 112mm 156 406.25 406.25 556.25 762.5 537.5 45kgs


Grease Trap - Cast Iron (IS:210 FG:220 Grade Length Width Height Flow rate Grease capacity
4" inlet outlet 1305mm 615mm 490mm 100 ltrs/min 25 kgs
6" inlet outlet 1305mm 615mm 490mm 145 ltrs/min 42 kgs


Grease Trap - MS/SS  Length Width Height Flow rate Grease capacity
2" inlet outlet 510mm 380mm 445mm 50 ltrs/min 11 kgs
2.5" inlet outlet 510mm 380mm 445mm 70 ltrs/min 21 kgs


Cast iron Sand and Oil Trap for Chemical Plants and Refineries for preventing water, air and environment pollution


Grease Trap for Garages, Hotels and Hospitals for preventing water, air and environment pollution



Grease water should be passed through a special interceptor having a large body of water in the trap.

A grease Trap is mainly fixed where there is a considerable discharge of hot, greasy water, such as in large canteens, hospital, etc. The grease is solidified by the large volume of cold water held in the gully and the tray prevents the his grease and other solid matter from passing into the drain.  The tray is easily removed for emptying and cleaning.  An ordinary cast iron manhole cover is used for covering the gully.

Installation Instruction:
On Installation, the grease trap must be filled with water. This will prevent initial grease from flowing out.

Grease Trap – Cast Iron(CI) Length Width Height Flow rate Grease Capacity
4” inlet outlet 1305mm 615mm 490mm 100Ltrs/min 25kgs
6” inlet outlet 1305mm 615mm 490mm 145Ltr/min 42kgs







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